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Julien Dedier


Dr. Julien Dedier is co-founder of the Hospital Medicine Unit – a driver of patient care, quality improvement and education at Boston Medical Center. As associate director of the BUSM medicine clerkship Dr. Dedier spearheaded structural changes to standardize student write-ups and to introduce the clerkship’s educational goals/expectations to inpatient teams. In the outpatient domain, Dr. Dedier developed EHR-based systems for referring patients to community gyms and to an interdisciplinary hypertension management team. He and colleagues currently partner with Black churches in Boston to foster church cohesion and healthy behaviors using culturally tailored mobile applications.

Dr. Dedier’s expertise and interests include:
1. The influence of ethnic, cultural and environmental factors on risk-related behaviors for cardiovascular disease and cancer among underprivileged urban minority groups.
2. Application of computer-assisted communication technologies to create behavioral interventions tailored to the ethnic, cultural and contextual characteristics of urban minorities of low socioeconomic status.

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