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Punam Keller

Dr. Punam A. Keller is the Charles Henry Jones Third Century Professor of Management and Associate Dean for Innovation and Growth at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.  She teaches MBA students and corporate managers to enhance employee well-being, and health administrators to use strategic marketing to improve the effectiveness of their service delivery systems.

Dr. Keller leads a variety of social marketing projects to increase patient compliance and reduce health care costs. She recently completed two successful projects - reduce heart failure readmission rates (with Mayo Clinic) and increase prescription drug adherence (with CVS/Caremark). She partnered with CDC to create a marketing tool for customizing and measuring the effectiveness of health communications. The free online tool, MessageWorks, is available to the public at She was a board member of PSI (Population Services International), the largest NGO providing health products and services to the poorest, most isolated people in the world.

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