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Adherence effects of a comprehensive REminder SysTem for post-myocardial infarction exercise and secondary prevention

A randomized controlled trial evaluating the use of text-based reminders on adherence to medication and exercise regiment after myocardial infarction.


ENhancing outcomes through Goal Assessment and Generating Engagement in Diabetes Mellitus

A randomized controlled trial of 1,400 patients evaluating a telephonic pharmacist-led intervention that integrates brief negotiated interviewing and shared decision-making.


Medication adherence Improvement Support App For Engagement - Blood Pressure

A prospective, randomized controlled trial of 413 enrolled patients, evaluating the impact of a mhealth medication management app on blood pressure and medication adherence.


MI Free Rx Event and Economic Evaluation

A randomized controlled trial evaluating the effect of providing full prescription drug coverage to patients after being recently discharged from the hospital.


Randomized Evaluation to Measure Improvements in Non-adherence from low-cost Devices

A 4-arm randomized controlled trial of 53,480 enrollees comparing the effect of 3 low-cost reminder devices (pill bottle strip with toggles, digital timer cap, or standard pillbox) on medication adherence.


Reducing Ethnic and racial Disparities by improving Undertreatment, Control, and Engagement in Blood Pressure management with health information technology

A randomized controlled trial evaluating the effect of providing electronic health record tools to help reduce health disparities in patients with uncontrolled hypertension.


Study of a Tele-pharmacy Intervention for Chronic diseases to Improve Treatment adherence

A cluster randomized controlled trial of 4,078 patients evaluating the impact of a multicomponent pharmacist-led intervention that uses behavioral interviewing, text messaging, mailed progress reports, and video visits on medication adherence, disease control, and healthcare utilization.


Targeted Adherence intervention to Reach Glycemic control with Insulin Therapy for Diabetes patients

A randomized controlled trial with 6,000 enrolled patients evaluating three different targeted multifaceted pharmacist outreach strategies for improving long-term insulin use among individuals with diabetes.

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