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Robert Glynn


Dr. Glynn’s research focuses on clinical questions, primarily in aging and vision, and on methodological approaches to address questions in these areas. His recent work in aging has focused on trends in the use of alternative antihypertensive drugs, factors associated with the choice of therapies and clarification of the association of blood pressure with mortality. Methodological issues arising in this research have included problems with missing data and measurement error, which have particular manifestations and are often especially severe in studies of the elderly.

Dr. Glynn’s research in vision has included studies of contact lenses and corneal ulcers, progression of diabetic retinopathy, determinants of the development of cataract, and utilization and side effects of treatments for glaucoma. His methodological research related to vision has concentrated on methods for the evaluation of paired data and identification of situations when the eye, rather than the patient, is the more appropriate unit of analysis.

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