Roybal Center for Therapeutic Optimization Using Behavioral Science


The Brigham and Women's Hospital Roybal Center for Therapeutic Optimization Using Behavioral Science aims to create a translational research program for the development of principle-driven, potent, practical, scalable, and sustainable behavioral interventions to enhance the appropriate prescribing and use of evidence-based medications.

Its structure and activities are based upon 3 key principles:


(1) a multi-disciplinary approach integrating collaborators with expertise in medication use, theory-based behavioral science, implementation research, and data science


(2) the testing of principle-driven interventions in real-world settings 


(3) the use of novel analytic methods and technological approaches to gain a deeper understanding of behavior and to facilitate the creation of interventions that are both personalized but applicable to population health improvement

The Roybal section of our website is currently under construction, please check back in a few weeks to read more about our work and opportunities to contribute. 

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