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Sunny Varshney

2017-2018 Research Fellow 

Dr. Anubodh Sunny Varshney is an Advanced Heart Failure, Transplant Cardiology, and Mechanical Circulatory Support Fellow at Stanford University. Sunny engages in outcomes and epidemiology research related to cardiogenic shock, mechanical circulatory support, advanced heart failure, and the interactions between drug and device therapies in patients with heart failure. He earned a BS in biomedical engineering (cum laude) at Washington University in St. Louis and MD from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, where he graduated 1st in his class. He completed residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham & Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical School, including an NIH T32 research fellowship and a year as the Daniel Pierce Family Fellow in Advanced Heart Disease.

After fellowship, Sunny plans to pursue a career as a clinical advanced heart failure cardiologist, outcomes researcher, and venture advisor. He intends to combine insights from clinical care and outcomes research to identify persistent unmet medical needs, define benchmark outcomes that next generation technologies should improve upon, and identify target populations for early-stage studies of novel drug and device therapies for patients with heart failure.

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