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Construal level theory and vaccines

Messages aimed at increasing the uptake of COVID-19 booster vaccines have been modestly successful, perhaps in part because they often focus on why individuals should receive a vaccine. In contrast, Construal Level Theory posits that messages emphasizing “how” to get a vaccine may be more effective than emphasizing “why”. This trial was conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital and involved 3,665 patients. It sought to determine if pre-visit patient portal messages in primary care practices designed using Construal Level Theory increased rates of COVID-19 booster vaccination among their eligible patients. The final trial results will appear later in 2023. NCT04871776

Co-Principal Investigators: Nancy Haff, MD, MPH and Julie Lauffenburger PharmD, PhD

“How” versus “Why” messaging to increase uptake of booster vaccination against COVID-19: Results of a pragmatic randomized trial

Haff N, Choudhry NK, Bhatkhande G, Keller PA, Robertson T, Oran R, Horn D, Crum KL, Oduol T, Hanken K, Lauffenburger JC

J Gen Intern Med

2023 November 6

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